Who We Are:

Debra D. Feldman & Associates, Ltd. is comprised of licensed social workers and health care professionals with backgrounds in geriatrics and psychology. Our Aging Life Care ProfessionalsTM specialize in care management. We provide continuity of care and seek to ensure quality of care and an optimal life for older adults. We are dedicated to helping and caring for people who have special needs. Our professionals act as liaisons and advocate for those who are not in the position to do so.

We provide services which are tailored to our client’s needs. After a thorough evaluation of our clients’ mental and emotional status and their ability to manage daily living activities, a care plan is developed and implemented by our professionals. Every detail is carefully monitored to ensure quality and individualized care.

How We Help:

We educate and guide families through the eldercare maze. We provide support to reduce anxiety and stress due to changes associated with aging. We advocate for older adults who are alone. We ensure continuity of care. We review financial, legal and medical issues.

Debra D. Feldman & Associates, Ltd. provides the services you need for all of these special situations– personal services that are so difficult to find today, particularly outside of family circles.

Questions? – We can help. Give us a call.

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